Denise Jaros Designs

We create peaceful and healing environments for patients and their families.

Medical interior design impacts a patient’s experience.

Creating an environment which puts patients and their families at ease is crucial. Anxious patients and their families need a calming environment that can ease their worries and create a sense of serenity. At Denise Jaros Designs, our medical offices are created to be beautiful, inviting and comfortable spaces while adhering to the clinical requirements of a medical facility.

Our approach to medical interior design is to create custom offices that address both the physician’s and patient’s needs. We work closely with our clients to understand their vision and create spaces that not only look beautiful but promote feelings of security, healing, and comfort. By focusing on functionality and practicality, we create spaces that are efficient and allow physicians and staff to work at their best. Our goal is to create medical offices that are welcoming and comforting while still meeting the unique demands of a medical practice.

These services take into consideration the patient’s comfort and ease of movement:


Integration of natural light.


Calming color scheme.


Comfortable furniture.


Quality finishes and materials.


Soothing wall colors.


Appropriate lighting.


Spaces focused on functionality.




Safe and accessible spaces for patients and staff.




Interior Design


Project Management



At Denise Jaros Designs we create peaceful and healing environments for patients and their families. By paying attention to every detail, these services help to create a comfortable and calming atmosphere that can help patients heal faster and reduce anxiety during their stay at the healthcare facility.


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